Gemini (2017-2032)

2017-32 is the Virgo phase. Gemini is the tenth sign from Virgo. The tenth sign of the zodiac is Capricorn. Hence, during this time you will think and act like a Capricorn, generally speaking.

You will organize, manage and delegate. You will be practical, cautious and self-sufficient. You will be reserved, conservative, sober, and highly motivated. You will be gloomy, unforgiving, cold, irritable and self-controlled. You're susceptible to bone and knee problems. You will be concentrative, hardworking, forceful and cautious. You will strive to be economical, scrupulous and trustworthy. You will think deeply, be fatalistic, stubborn and domineering.

You may appear as brooding and egotistic. You will take on many responsibilities. You will be goal-oriented and a high achiever. You will be very proud of your achievements. You will practice very high levels of concentration on whatever you're doing at the moment. You will be serious, disciplined and highly ambitious. You will persevere through enormous difficulties and frustrations. You will sacrifice a lot when it comes to personal relationships and home life. You will be thoughtful, quiet, and self-contained. You do not openly display or make known your inner feelings and needs. You will always be in control. You will be strong, capable and efficient in whatever you're doing. You will act with tremendous maturity, soberness and wisdom.