Libra (2017-2032)

2017-32 is the Virgo phase. Libra is the second sign from Virgo. The second sign of the zodiac is Taurus. Hence, during this time you will think and act like a Taurus, generally speaking.

You will thrive, make plans and generate money. You will be known for your ability to make money as well as your stubbornness. You may be prone to sore throats, thyroid irregularities, and other neck problems. You will have beautiful objects and people in your life. You will accumulate a lot of possessions. You may become a hoarder. You will experience the finer things in life and have a fabulous lifestyle. You will be lustful, artistic and gentle. Loyal, domestic, proud and quick-tempered, you will become self-indulgent, sensual and display very strong emotions. You will be patient, persistent, thorough and steadfast in all your undertakings. You will tend to be conservative, discriminating and determined. At times you may become argumentative or even violent, but only if pushed too far.

You love comfort, ease and warm surroundings so you must be careful not to become boring and self-satisfied. You will have a strong tendency to overeat and overindulge, which you must keep in check. You will be charming and affectionate. You don't get angry easily but you also don't forgive easily. You will be devoted, dedicated, loyal, and dependable. You will be very practical and want to see concrete, tangible results for your work. You will find time to enjoy music, art and nature. You will have a calm and nurturing personality in general that allows the growth of everyone and everything around you.