Pisces (2017-2032)

2017-32 is the Virgo phase. Pisces is the seventh sign from Virgo. The seventh sign of the zodiac is Libra. Hence, during this time you will think and act like a Libra, generally speaking.

You will charm, socialize and procrastinate. You will be concerned with justice and pleasing everyone as well as looking pretty! You will find yourself in other people. You will be stubborn but greatly concerned with fairness. You may be prone to lower back and kidney problems. Often you will find it difficult to come to a decision as you see very clearly the validity of each and every alternative. You will be suave, romantic, enthusiastic, changeable and artistic. You are easily thrown off balance emotionally. You are secretive about your passions and come off as being fickle. You will be very persuasive, imitative, judicial, and tactful. You will be fond of show and admiration. You will be intriguing, materialistic, and sometimes grouchy. Sometimes you enjoy being used or abused. You will be extremely sociable, warm and affectionate. You will despise ugliness and go out of your way to make people like you. You will prefer fine clothing and dining, with at home and wherever else you may be.

You will do everything you can to avoid conflict and discord. You are able to achieve a lot by exuding a spirit of cooperation and compromise. You will rarely act without getting the advice and feedback of others. You will be very idealistic about marriage. You seek a mental relationship as well as a physical and emotional one. Everything you do must be aesthetically pleasing and appropriate. You seek perfect harmony and equilibrium. Being yourself is not as important to you as making others happy.