Scorpio (2017-2032)

2017-32 is the Virgo phase. Scorpio is the third sign from Virgo. The third sign of the zodiac is Gemini. Hence, during this time you will think and act like a Gemini, generally speaking.

You will talk, write and communicate. You will be prone to lung problems and to accidents involving your shoulders, arms and hands. You will be deeply into software and technology. You will be smart and witty. You will always be ready with a verbal comeback or powerful statement. You will communicate effectively with others. You won't be able to concentrate on or stick with anything for an extended period of time. You will be sensitive and humane. You will be outgoing and have a constantly changing personality. You're polite but quick to get into a verbal and sometimes physical fight. You will be excellent in anything involving the use of your hands. You are inventive and versatile, adaptable and self-expressive. You are always willing to listen to the opinions of others and welcome ideas and thoughts.

You will be very curious and analytical. You could also become scatterbrained and undisciplined. You may also resort to tricks and schemes. Your mind is never still, always coming up with new ideas and seeking new experiences. You are forever seeking mental stimulation. You will write and/or speak a lot. You will need to avoid trying to be different just for the sake of being different. You will also need to choose a more tactful and empathetic approach in your interactions to avoid creating ill-will and malice with sharp words.