Virgo (2017-2032)

2017-32 is the Virgo phase. Virgo is the first sign from Virgo. The first sign of the zodiac is Aries. Hence, during this time you will think and act like an Aries, generally speaking.

You will take risks, fight and impress. lYou may be prone to headaches and/or injuries to your head/face. You will be headstrong, youthful and impulsive. You could also be selfish, crude, pushy, overly aggressive and sometimes violent. You get angry quickly but you also forgive quickly. You enjoy being the first person on the scene. You will be physically and socially active. You will be courageous and enthusiastic, imaginative and energetic. You will also be excitable, proud, impulsive, audacious, outgoing, hasty and abrupt. You be known for being sharp, passionate, quick-tempered and extreme.

Enterprising, pioneering, confident and ingenious, you will be at the helm of major, highly prospective undertakings. Scientific, independent, effective and precise, you will be known for being a progressive, aggressive and competitive individual. However brilliant you are at initiating projects you may have trouble sticking through with them till the end. You will have plenty of enthusiasm to lead others but not so much when it comes to being a follower. You believe in being totally honest and true to yourself. Being receptive and appreciative of others’ contributions, ideas or feelings is essential to improving and maintaining your relationships.